T'ai Chi

Contact GL for details as times vary. There may be a limit on numbers.


Week 1 & 2, Tuesday - check with Steve - starting 5th October

Week 1 & 2, Wednesday, 10.00-11.00 & 11.15-12.15 - starting 6th October

Place: Crispin Community Centre

Leader: Steve Cousins; Tel: 01458 442599; Email: steve.cousins51@gmail.com

This T’ai Chi form is of the Lee Family Style and we shall practice T’ai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong, part of Traditional Chinese Medicine addressing breathing, posture and balance.

Whether you have practiced T’ai Chi before or are an absolute beginner you will be welcome.

Loose clothing and comfortable shoes are all you need.

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Our T'ai Chi groups were joined in Feb 2019 by the Grand Master and Master of the WSDA.

The groups enjoyed and appreciated the knowledge of the Grand Master and Master which jointly spans well over 100 years. Certificates in recognition of their dedication were distributed.

Many thanks to Steve Cousins for arranging this and for his continued dedication to the groups. Great job Steve.