Time: Week 2, Thursday, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Place: The Tannery Community Room, Street

Leader: Carol Soulsby, Tel: 01458 850351

Easy to learn, we welcome absolute beginners and those with a prior knowledge of the game.

Mah-jong is a game played in China as a gambling game and is very fast moving but the English version is a slower game that is more entertaining, and for points, not money! We use ‘tiles’, similar to dominoes, and the basic method is rather like rummy whereby you collect groups of 3 matching tiles by picking one up and discarding one at any one turn. It involves some calling out and lots of laughter.

We follow the British Mah-jong Association rules (available at bookshops for about £8). You do not have to provide your own Mah-jong set although if you do have a set you are of course welcome to bring it along.

There is limited space at The Tannery so it is essential to check with Carol in advance if you want to make a taster visit. You will be very welcome.

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