How do I Join/Re-Join S&G u3a?
Download the Application Form - click here - Full instructions are on the form.

How much does it cost?
Membership is £10 for a year plus the cost of attending each group you join. If you are a member of another U3A you can become an associate member for £5.

Must I join a Group?
No, membership entitles you to attend events but members mostly join because they want to join one or more groups.

What events are there outside group meetings?
There are a range of talks and outings organised throughout the year – click here to see upcoming Events.

How do I join a Group?
Contact the Group Leader. Go to the Groups page, and click the Group you are interested in joining. You will find the Leaders details listed.

What happens if the group I want to join is full?
You can go on a waiting list. If there is a strong demand we will try to set up another group.

What is the cost of attending a Group?
Nearly all groups have a charge of £6 per term – there are two terms, September to December and January to April. Some groups also meet in the summer. There are a few exceptions to the £6 charge and where these apply they will be explained by the group leader.

Do I get a refund if I cannot attend a meeting?
No, the charge is for the term however many meetings you attend.

Can I go to a meeting of a group to see if it suits me?
Yes, you can pay £1 as a "taster" and this will be taken as part payment of the termly charge if you decide to join the group.

Are there any qualifications needed to join a group?
No, just a willingness to enjoy yourself!

When and where do groups meet?
Most groups meet fortnightly in a range of venues in the district. A small number of groups meet monthly. Click here to see the full timetable.

Will I need to buy equipment?
Normally equipment is provided but if this is not the case the group leader will tell you.

How can I start a new Group?
Contact the Group Coordinator. Email:

What is the role of a group leader?
The group leader is responsible for deciding on the appropriate activities for meetings (usually in consultation with the members.) Some group leaders provide tuition or guidance, but this is not essential. The group leader also collects the fees for the term.

Who runs Street&Glastonbury u3a?
The AGM (held in May each year) appoints a Committee which meets every two months. New Committee members are always welcome. If you might be interested contact our Chairperson. We have a constitution which has been approved by the membership. We are registered as a charity.

How does u3a communicate with members?
A newsletter is published four times a year, we have a Facebook page and this website. E-mails are sent to the membership occasionally. Those members who do not have internet access may elect to have the Newsletter and any mailings sent to them through the post.

How does the Facebook page work?
You can access the Facebook page here. To ensure security Stephen Wright administers the page and you should contact him about material to be posted there.

Can I contribute to this website?
Yes, send any contribution you would like to make to our Publicity Officer.

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